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Box of 3 monthly lenses


Bausch+Lomb ULTRA MoistureSeal technology is a soft hydrophilic contact lens which is available as a spherical lens.

The lens material, samfilcon A, is a hydrophilic copolymer of a siloxane methacrylateand N-vinyl pyrrolidone, and is 46% water by weight when immersed in a sterileborate buffered saline with poloxamine solution.

The Bausch + Lomb Ultra (samfilcon A) Visibility Tinted Soft (hydrophilic) Contact Lenses, with samfilcon A lens material, are manufactured by the MositureSeal manufacturing process, which combines lens molding through packaging in a continuous fashion by a cast molding process which creates a hydrophilic surface.

The lens Maintains its Moisture up to 16 Hours.

The Lens features the highest oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t 163) and lowest* modulus (70 g/mm2) compared to the competition.

The Lens material is an ultimate solution for demands of digital device users Two-phase manufacturing process retains moisture and delivers a highly wettable surface1 Phase 1 Combines long- and short-chain monomers to formulte a unique silicone backbone Produces a material that delivers a Dk/t of 163 and modulus of 70 Phase 2 PVP grows around and throughout the silicone backbone Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses have an aspheric optical design to reduce inherent and induced spherical aberration.

ULTRA monthly MoistureSeal

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