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Box of 3 monthly lenses


Purevision 2 HD contact lenses are monthly lenses that offer increased comfort and quality of vision.

The HD Optics design helps to reduce glare and halos; ensuring clear, crisp vision. ComfortMoist technology makes for a thinner lens, working with the high oxygen transmission to provide premium levels of comfort.

Reduced glare make these lenses ideal for wearers regularly sit in front of a computer screen for extended hours. The unique silicone hydrogel material increases comfort, lasting for hours longer than similar soft lenses.

Purevision 2 HD: Features and Benefits

  • Incredible vision and helps reduce halos and glare
  • Delivers outstanding comfort on insertion for first fit success
  • Exceptional breathability and they're healthy
  • Plus, designed to reduce spherical aberration across the entire power range
  • Thin lens design, yet remarkably easy to handle
  • Reduced glare and halos. Ideal for wearers who sit in front of screens all day.
  • Increased comfort. Better oxygen transmission increases your wearing comfort.
  • Clear, crisp vision. Unique HD Optics increases quality of vision.

PureVision 2 monthly spherical

D1,590.00 Regular Price
D1,490.00Sale Price
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