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Box of 30 daily lenses


Made with innovative technology, Biotrue ONEday lenses are designed to imitate the surface of your eyes. This provides a natural and comfortable wearing experience. Biotrue ONEday contact lenses start and end the day with more moisture than leading daily disposables. They maintain 98% of their moisture for up to 16 hours. HyperGel technology replicates the natural water content of your eyes, providing superior comfort.


These lenses are made with 78% water, which keeps them moist throughout the day and prevents them from drying out. Although they are not a replacement for sunglasses, Biotrue ONEday lenses include a UV filter to protect your eyes from damaging sun rays and filters harmful levels of radiation from the sun.


The High Definition Optics are designed to limit spherical aberration, which can make objects appear blurred. High Definition technology limits halos and glare, so your vision is clear in low light and bright sunshine. This ensures clear vision at all times, even when the lighting is dim or the sun is bright.

Biotrue Oneday

D1,590.00 Regular Price
D1,490.00Sale Price
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